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SWCP Email Server Settings

This article contains the info you need to set up any email client to work with the SWCP mail servers.

  • Outgoing mail server: mail.swcp.com
    • Port 25 works only under certain conditions. It is best to use Authenticated SMTP which should always work.
    • Authenticated SMTP Port: 465
    • Use SSL with Authenticated SMTP: Yes
      • or for TLS (mac mail tends to like this better)
        • Authenticated SMTP Port: 587
        • Use TLS with Authenticated SMTP: Yes
  • Incoming mail server: mail.swcp.com
    • Incoming Protocols: IMAP or POP. Again, we recommend you ONLY use the SSL versions of these services.
      • Standard (insecure) IMAP port: 143
      • SSL IMAP Port: 993 (Recommended)
      • Standard (insecure) POP Port: 110
      • SSL POP Port: 995 (Recommended)

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