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Sign-up fees are $20. Domain Name registration is available for a $20 initial fee, with a $20 per year renewal fee. Customer may request shell access for PPP/Circuit(DSL/Frame Relay)/Web Hosting/Remote Access accounts.

Users are given 20 megabytes (MB) of permanent disk space for storage of personal files. Additional disk space may be purchased for $0.20 per MB per month (lower rates for larger quantities are available). Temporary storage is available for short-term needs at no extra charge.

A single household or business may purchase secondary accounts for $5 each per month plus connect time charges. All connect time for an account group is billed to the primary account at the same rate, based on their chosen Pricing Plan. The monthly minimum refers to the sum of all usage by the account group. Each secondary account has its own shell login, email address, and 20 MB of storage space. Additional POP-only email boxes with 20 MB of storage and no shell login are available for $2.50 per month. Customers may have email aliases created for free.

Customers may receive discounts by paying in advance: 5% for 6 months and 10% for 1 year. If the customer uses more than their allotment during a given month, the pre-paid funds will be used to cover the difference. Thus, the pre-paid deposit may be used up before the stated pre-payment period ends. In this case, the customer will be invoiced at the appropriate time. If a customer's account is terminated by SWCP or the customer, the unused portion of the pre-paid fees (starting at the end of the month of termination) will be returned.

Pricing for other services, such as dedicated line service or large group rates, are available on request.

General Policies

  • Technical Support: SWCP will provide technical support, as it pertains to SWCP's system or the Internet in general, via telephone, in our office, or via e-mail. If an on-site visit or if unusually large amounts of support are required, as solely determined by SWCP, those additional services may be purchased at SWCP's regular consulting rate. All phone calls to and from SWCP are recorded for training purposes.

  • Passwords: User passwords should be chosen with care. A good password is one which is not the name of any person or thing and does not appear in any dictionary. Intermixing upper and lower case letters and numbers, concatenating two nonsense words, or creating an acronym from a silly phrase are all good ways to pick a password. Some examples of good passwords are "akld8s3", "FLaiCy8", "brubmowt", or "chlfts". Some bad passwords are "password", "mustang", "SANDIA", "billy", or "spaceman". SWCP may periodically run a password checking program which will notify you if your password is too easy to guess, but if a computer "cracker" gains access to your account by guessing your password you will be responsible for the charges he or she accumulates and any damage done. It is a good idea to change your password every 3 to 6 months.

  • Other Networks: Remember that the Internet is not one homogeneous network but rather a loosely connected collection of networks all over the world. Each network has its own set of policies and conditions governing its use. You should make yourself familiar with the policies of any network whose resources you're using.

  • Spam: SWCP prohibits the use of unsolicited commercial email, commonly known as "spam", when mailed through SWCP's servers, or when used from any server to advertise a website or other service located on our servers. This also includes inappropriate commercial postings to the Usenet news network.

  • Login Names: Your login name, also called a user name or email name, is the name that you use to identify yourself when you access SWCP's computer system. This name is also incorporated into your email address. Common user names that many people use are their first name, or last name, or first initial and last name, or 3 initials, or a nickname. Some examples are "costlow", "mcostlow", "mark", and "mec". The only restriction is that the name must be less than 16 characters and it must be unique on our system. The account request form allows you to choose your own name; if there is some reason that we cannot grant your chosen name, we will contact you so that you can choose another one. Note that although your login name is used as your email address (e.g., when you send electronic mail your real name will also appear in the message.

  • Aliases: If you have registered a Domain Name with us, you can have aliases within that domain that forward to your SWCP login name. For example: if you own as a domain and your logname is mcostlow, you could setup an email address that forwarded to the mcostlow email box. You can manage these yourself from the Members Control Panel.

  • Account Groups: A single business or household which purchases an account (the primary account) may purchase extra accounts (secondary accounts) for a nominal monthly fee. All secondary account users must return a signed User Contract in addition to the one returned by the primary account user and are also responsible for complying with all SWCP Policies. Connect time for an account group is billed to the primary account; the primary account user is responsible for all connect time incurred by all accounts in the group. Invoices state the amount of connect time used by each account. All accounts in the group must be billed according to a single Pricing Plan. The monthly minimum time commitment is applied to the sum of all connect time for all accounts in the account group.
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